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Categories, our Hall of Shame & Fame
From customer contempt, public lies, and court convictions to heroes and activists, innovation, and supporting artists.

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Their Mess.

The sins of the industry are many. And they gets lots of help in Washington where the real enemy should be terrorists, not your mother downloading an old tune. Explore at your own peril.

Sanctioned silliness. Even the regular excesses are occasionally topped by true acts of absurdity.

Customer contempt. What other industry treats its customers with such arrogance and hatred?

Public lies. When unrestrained litigation, power, and money just won't do.

Bought legislation. Bushels of money go far in Washington.

Court convictions. Major music companies have been convicted of illegally fixing CD prices and cheating artists. And they want us to trust them?!?

Monopoly power. Sometimes it gets boring abusing the same old artists and consumers and you just have to branch out.

Artist abuse. Don't be fooled. RIAA zealously protects the major labels, not the artists.

New Economy. The digital world has changed music permanently. Of course that doesn't mean they have to accept it.

Our Music.

The fight for your rights continues. Please support DiaRIAA and its friends!

The buck stops here. Courts supply occasional sanity amid the chaos of incessant litigation.

We're not alone. A few activists and heroes in Congress defy industry battle for common sense and consumer rights.

Inventing innovation. New businesses, companies, and technologies.

Support your artists and Artists speak out. The digital economy brings changes and plenty of new opportunities for artists.

Change will come. The music industry will restructure sooner or later due to the Internet, P2P, and digital technologies.

Internet privacy and security. Protect yourself while online. It's a savage P2P world out there with RIAA and others lurking, spoofing, spying, spamming, and fouling the network and even your PC.







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