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The Case Against Vigilantism
By Carlton Vogt
Dec 3, 2004
Is it ethical to use unethical tactics against someone you consider unethical? ... The idea of vigilantism --taking the law into your own hands when you feel the authorities aren't doing enough -- has its appeal, but on closer scrutiny it also has a dark side that we may want to avoid.
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Whose Rebellion, Whose Innovation?: Dynamic Pricing and Music Conversion
Feb 4, 2004
DiaRIAA reviews Music Rebellion and RipDigtal.
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July 23, 2003

Education is the last refuge of authoritarianism. I don’t have absolute control. You’re using my product in a way that I don’t want. So the problem must be with you. Now I must educate you. You will learn what I want you to learn. Check out the latest propaganda at http://www.respectcopyrights.org/.
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Who's the Borg? Consumers or RIAA?
July 10, 2003
We forget recent history all too quickly. The explosive rise of Napster and P2P was a form of civil unrest by consumers against an oppressive industry that had abused its customers (such as charging MORE for CD's that cost LESS to produce) and refused to adapt to a digital realm that its customers already embraced.
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June 10, 2003
What do you get when you lock 3 Harvard professors in a room? A kindergarten lesson. I've always thought academia trailed industry by five years. But this is major regression.
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The Beat Goes On: Apple, Roxio, & Centerspan
May 21, 2003
Entertainment synergy has been touted for two decades now. The alignment of Apple-iTunes and Roxio-Napster-Pressplay is an old theme. ... Picture Maxtor selling a $100 80GB hard drive with entire music catalogs that the user can preview and unlock with a credit card. Or Microsoft giving away such drives in exchange for a one year broadband and music subscription.
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Consumers Shafted By Tech Industry In Digital Media Wars
Jan 21, 2003
Two major tech industry councils reached a "landmark agreement" with the Recording Industry Assn (RIAA). The groups will oppose legislation that requires digital rights management (DRM, the bone for tech) and support aggressive action against copyright violators (read consumers using P2P, the bone for RIAA). The joint groups will also oppose legislation that supports consumer rights (RIAA again). ... Of course, the loser is the consumer. ...
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Music Industry Reaches New Heights Of Audacity
Aug 13, 2002
The death throes of a dinosaur are not a pretty sight. In the face of civil disobedience (Napster and its ilk) the recording industry resorted to the full power of their monopoly. They pursued litigation with a vengeance, and will continue. Regardless of your position, that clearly is their right. ... But they didn’t stop there. ...
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Copyrights, Napster, and our Future
Times change. Five years ago the Internet was the future, a vast unexplored wilderness. Two years ago it was here, an insane blur of capital, money, and enterprises. Today it's a ghost town populated by Main Street corporate fixer-uppers already gentryfin' the place. ... But you don't have to panic, Mr. Big Shot Producer. We'll still pay for things like quality, speed, convenience, and service. If you can prove the value and deliver.
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Entertainment Transformed: TechnoPop
Marc Freedman coined the phrase "TechnoPop" in 1991 in a white paper predicting the convergence of technology and entertainment. In May 2001 Marc spoke at the MIT Enterprise Forum on "Technotainment in the Post-Napster Era" and made predictions on the future of the digital music industry. ... All these predictions have come true.
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