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Entertainment Transformed: TechnoPop

Marc Freedman coined the phrase "TechnoPop" in 1991 in a white paper predicting the convergence of technology and entertainment.

A few TechnoPop findings:

  • You don't make movies or music. You build brands that manifest across the entertainment landscape in different product experiences.
  • Consumer products will be conceptualized, green lighted, and developed based on and across the full spectrum of entertainment, technology, and marketing to fill the huge distribution pipeline.

In May 2001 Marc spoke at the MIT Enterprise Forum on "Technotainment in the Post-Napster Era" and made predictions on the future of the digital music industry:

  • Record companies will continue to exert power through litigation, keeping prices high, fighting technology, and making acquisitions.
  • Napster users will reject draconian record company online efforts.
  • Broad rights management will fail.
  • Napster will be shut down.
  • Decentralized P2P will thrive overseas.
  • Online retailer markets will segment and mature.
  • Digital entertainment will evolve similar to software.
  • Continued PC, device, and wireless technology advancement will create new music opportunities.

All these predictions have come true.

Copyright 2003, Marc Freedman



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