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Music Industry Reaches New Heights Of Audacity


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Music Industry Reaches New Heights Of Audacity
Aug 13, 2002

The death throes of a dinosaur are not a pretty sight. In the face of civil disobedience (Napster and its ilk) the recording industry resorted to the full power of their monopoly. They pursued litigation with a vengeance, and will continue. Regardless of your position, that clearly is their right.

But they didn’t stop there. With money and power comes political success. There’s been little public debate and weak opposition from the technology industry. The entertainment industry bought favorable legislation (DMCA, Consumer Broadband Act).

There’s more. For their next act they seek to twist the law for their own ends to invade your PC and network (US Rep. Berman bill).

Still not done. They now want a Justice Department that can hardly cope with worldwide terrorism to divert limited resources to send American digital music fans to jail. People like you and me. So much for the memory and meaning of 9-11.

At a time when unbridled greed has shown the ugly face of capitalism (Enron, WorldCom, etc.) these actions demonstrate more of the same lack of business ethics and corporate responsibility.

At the minimum the music industry is woefully out of touch with and has no respect for the very consumers who buy their product. It is no surprise music sales are declining and people don’t
trust big business.

At what point will the industry get a clue? ... At what point do the people say ‘enough is enough’?

Copyright 2002, Marc Freedman



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