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Companies and Sites

  • 321 Studios. Software for copying your DVDs.
  • AllofMP3. Licensed music from a Russian site for 5 cents a song.
  • Apple iTunes. Popularized pay per song or album.
  • Audio Lunchbox. Open MP3's for $1 each.
  • Broadjam. Metajam software for building band web sites and manage songs, photos, metatags, and more.
  • BuyMusic. Think Apple iTunes for Windows. From buy.com
  • CD Baby. Great indie music site. Digital distribution contract review.
  • Clear Channel Sucks. CC controls 60% of the rock programming in the US plus much more. Can we spell 'monopoly'?
  • ClearPlay. Santizes movies played via PC.
  • CowPimp. Share files with iTunes
  • DMusic. The oldest online digital music community and artists home.
  • Donate My Music Check. Send your CD Price Fixing check to the EFF.
  • Download.com Music. Took over old MP3.com's artists. Free music downloads.
  • eMusic. Digital music site. At one time a leading indie and then bought by Vivendi Universal.
  • easyCinema. Brit innovation brings dynamic pricing and no frills to theaters to Hollywood's displeasure.
  • Epitonic. Cutting edge music, including free MP3s.
  • Fightcloud.com. Free! ($5 shipping) CDs.
  • Global Music Project. Artists can upload their music for exposure AND help raise money for world causes through donations.
  • Go-Kart Records. Free Album Downloads!
  • IUMA. Internet Underground Music Archive, the 1st indie site formed in 1993.
  • Indie-music.com. Portal includes over 20,000 music industry contacts.
  • Intertainer. Movie site dormant with anti-trust suit against industry.
  • Jive Player. Proprietary files package music and videos with commercials.
  • Just Plain Folks. 25,000+ musicians, writers, and others in the music biz.
  • Links to tens of thousands of legal music downloads
  • LuLu. Buy and sell digital content direct and in hard form.
  • Magnatune. Online music distributor's slogan: WE ARE NOT EVIL.
  • Movielink. Movie industry-sponsored site.
  • MP3.com. Relaunched by Cnet as a general music portal
  • MP3Gain. Software analyzes & adjusts mp3 file sound.
  • MP3tunes. 88¢ songs in unprotected MP3 format
  • Muse.net. Turn your home PC into a streaming video or music server.
  • MusicBrainz. A community music metadatabase with metatag software.
  • Musiclink (Fairtunes). Pay artists directly.
  • Musicnet. Recording industry-sponsored site.
  • Music Now. Full Audio provides file swapping with licensed files.
  • Music Rebellion. Prices goes up or down based on user demand.
  • MP3.com. Another indie digital music site bought by Vivendi Universal.
  • MP3 Formatter. Software manages file names and ID Tags.
  • Napster. Same name, different service. Now for legal downloads, from Roxio.
  • Netflix. Unlimited DVD rental subscription service.
  • Opsound. Grab ye some open source music.
  • Orchard, The. Largest on and offline independent music distributor.
  • Pressplay. Recording industry-sponsored site, now owned by Roxio.
  • RIAA Radar. Check if an album is produced by a RIAA member.
  • RipDigital. Convert your CD's into MP3's for about a $1 each.
  • Sell Your Songs. Song purchasing and licensing network.
  • Soundclick. Music site features both signed and unsigned bands with free legal MP3s.
  • Sound Flavor. Recommendation software.
  • Steal My Music. Free CD'S, just pay for shipping.
  • Vtechmedia. Create or join communities where you can buy and sell digital media.
  • Weed. Licensed music format offers 3 free plays.
  • Wippit. Online music seller with P2P technology.

CD Rippers. Convert your CD's into MP3's for about a buck each.






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