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P2P News

P2P Commentary

P2P Community

Companies and Sites

  • Big Champagne. P2P market research.
  • Bitzi. Community catalog for digital file info, ratings, and user comments.
  • DCIA (Distributed Computing Industry Association). P2P Industry group
  • Gnutelliums. Gnutella software directory.
  • Havenco. Digital copyrights are not protected in the Principality of Sealand.
  • P2P Seek. Searches the latest P2P technology and legal music and video pages and files. Encompasses hundreds of P2P, music, and video web sites, including top industry news portals, blogs, forums, and companies.
  • RIAA Body Count. Current status of sued P2P developers.
  • RIAA Radar. Check if an album is produced by a RIAA member.
  • RIAA Scorecard. Key RIAA court cases and actions
  • SNIU: Substantial Non-Infronging P2P Use
  • Sourceforge.net. The world's largest Open Source development website.
  • TrustyFiles. Personal File Sharing.
  • Webspins. P2P market research.
  • Zeropaid.com. File sharing portal.

P2P Web Link Directories

  • Please check our list of P2P Web Link Directories and Site at TopP2P, including Magnet (Gnutella), Kazaa (Sig2dat), and Edonkey links, and Bit Torrent torrent files.






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