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The DiaRIAA Consumer Rights Report Card is a combined grade from A (excellent) to F (poor) that considers the current state of consumer rights for the music and movie sectors.

A. Consumers Rule. The public has the unfettered right to use the media they own in a personal or non-commercial way. Technology companies, including ISPs, software developers, and media players fully support consumer rights with open, unrestricted media and customer privacy. Content providers and distributors focus on serving customer needs and innovation and not litigation.

B. Innovation is Encouraged. Innovation thrives in an open business climate with limited regulation and litigation. Technology developers and content providers compete in a robust marketplace where a broad range of content offerings are available to the public.

C. Technology is Restricted. Much technology incoporates strong DRM (Digital Rights Management) that limits the consumer ability to use, copy, and transmit media.

D. Courts are the Last Resort. RIAA and MPAA wage an active and successful program to curtail consumer rights, including passing favorable legislation, forcing technology providers to monitor their users and control their usage of media, and suing technology developers and consumers. Federal and state courts uphold limited rights of consumers to use media for personal or backup use.

E. Corporate Tyrrany. Content owners control every media use and copy, including digital forms, through law, court cases, and technology. It is illegal to develop and use technology that circumvents this control. Consumers license and do not own content.



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