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OK, we've been quiet.  But we will publish occasional news here

June 09

Court orders Jammie Thomas to pay RIAA $1.92 million

Sept 08

Court overturns 'Making Available' theory, blow against RIAA

Senate Judiciary Committee removes provision to turn federal prosecutors into entertainment biz cops

June 08

ITunes Success is Music Biz failure. The music industry abuses us and we're to blame.

Laser Printers Found Guilty of "Making Available" Crimes

New List of Peer-to-Peer Applications.

May 08

RIAA sues homeless man; makes 'sewer service'. http://recordingindustryvspeople.blogspot.com/2008/04/riaa-sues-homeless-man-makes-sewer.html

Court Rejects RIAA "Making Available" Theory. http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2008/04/big-victory-atlantic-v-howell-court-rejects-making

Dec 07

Hollywood still not getting it - Wal-Mart closes online movie store. Never had a chance with DRM and pricing comparable to DVD

RIAA Sends "Video Press Release" to Local News Stations. Depicts police raids, gives "tips" about pirated content, and encourages holiday shoppers to buy recording industry-sanctioned goods.

David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars

The Generational Divide in Copyright Morality

Oregon Challenges RIAA's in college P2P claims

Canadian songwriters propose $5/mo consumer P2P fee charged by ISP

Nov 07

French crack down on file sharing. Pact between the French government, local ISPs, and content owners would suspend or terminate accounts after a string of repeat offenses. French president Nicolas Sarkozy pointed to a "decisive moment for the future of a civilized internet," and warned against "a genuine destruction of culture."

Music downloads INCREASE Canadian sales

Nine Inch Nails Frontman Admits to File-Sharing. Trent Reznor says fans share music files because the legitimate services don't give them what they want -- a large selection without DRM.

Music Rights Regime Needs Updating, Should Embrace New Technologies

Oct 07

 RoyaltyShare Grabs $4 Million Second Round

RIAA Delivers More College pre-litigation Letters, 9th wave, total 3,740

Canada Imposes online music subscription tax. Also downloads. Subscription services taxed at 5.7 percent to 6.8 percent per month.

Comcast hacks its own customers' P2P and other Internet traffic . Yahoo - EFF

RIAA sues Usenet

10-07 Foster Gripelog - Spyware and Copyright Punishment

10-07 RIAA wins jury trial

Universal explores $5/mo sub. Feed paid to mp3 player makers or mobile carriers. Labels would get all of the money. Retailer sells more units.

Sept 07

9-07 NPR Marketplace.  NPR Covers RIAA Folly.

2nd RIAA Defendant wins attorney fees

RESEARCH - Fair use is a big industry.  From the Computer & Communications Industry Association. In 2006, fair use industries generated revenue of $4.5 trillion. Fair use industries also grew at a faster pace than the overall economy. From 2002 to 2006, the fair use industries contributed $507 billion to U.S. GDP growth, accounting for 18.3 percent of U.S. current dollar economic growth.

June 22 2006. P2P Summit Coverage.

Warren's Washington Internet Daily. Confusion from 'Grokster,' Other Suits Slows Legitimate P2P Deals, Players Say

June 7 2006. The Sky is Falling: Is the Record Industry Ready to Face the Music?

The music industry's real problems can no longer be obscured by success in the digital world. The transition to digital is not a panacea for what ails the music industry - the disease runs much deeper.

Unlike the transition from albums to CDs or video tapes to DVD, 'going digital' is not a simple format media transition. The use of digital technologies and the Internet has and will continue to fundamentally change how entertainment is created, stored, distributed, and consumed. Technology has undermined the entertainment industry's pretense of control despite its best efforts. More.

Major Clippings - San Diego Union Tribune

October 15, 2005. P2P Future Past Perfect: Industry Commentary

It's been six months since the Supreme Court ruling, during which time Kazaa was kablammed Down Under and the music biz became more aggressive with cease and desist letters to major P2P developers. So where is P2P heading? ... Nowhere new.. More.

October 2005. Podcasting is Dead. Long Live Podcasting.

Podcasting remarkably rose from inception to million users of users in less than two years. According to TDG's recent analysis, Podcasting as an Extension of Portable Digital Media - Fact, Fiction, and Opportunity , more than five million US consumers will partake of podcasts by the end of 2005, growing to more than 60 million in 2010. Many in the industry scoffed at TDG's predictions. More.

May 2005. Podcasting as an Extension of Portable Digital Media - Fact, Fiction, and Opportunity.

Podcasting is the newest rage in media delivery. While at the moment the podcasting market is too immature to identify clear product market segments and create profitable podcasting-specific products and services, it holds valuable applications for existing media businesses of all kinds. The challenge is to determine when to embrace podcasting – that is, when will podcasting be capable of generating revenue either via direct sales of advertising or indirectly via promotion and marketing?

This report examines the emergence of podcasting, its non-commercial lineage, and, most importantly, its commercial prospects. Additionally, the report offers reflections and recommendation on how the podcasting will impact the production, promotion, and consumption of audio programming. Included are forecasts for portable devices, podcast usage, and percentages of usage through 2010. More.


Current Consumer Rights Report Card

  • RIAA/MPAA/IFPI: Continued S&M drama. They'll luv ya til it hurts! Grade - F.
  • TECH: Nothing new. Where are the creative developers? Grade - D.
  • CONSUMERS: File sharing continues to grow despite lawsuits. Grade - A.
  • COURTS: US - Courts reaffirmed tech is legal on appeal. Waiting on Supreme Court ruling. Elsewhere: GOOD - Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Israel, Belgium, Russia, Vanatu, West Bank, the Galactic Continuity. BAD - Republic of California, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, and other US colonies on Earth. Go to the moon, baby! Grade - D.
  • GOVERNMENT. DOJ ready to do Hollywood's bidding. Pirate and Induce Acts trample Fair Use, still working way through Congress. Grade - D.


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